What is your kayak made of?

Whether you are just using your kayak for fun (recreation), fishing or competition you need to know what it is made of, as this can affect its performance.

  • Roto molded: Roto molded boats use a strong plastic that allows the kayak to take on a little more abuse. In my opinion this is the best option that offers durability without getting too expensive.
  • Thermoform: This boat uses a light weight plastic that makes it much lighter but you give up the durability. Their sleek design greatly improves performance.
  • Kevlar: Does the word expensive mean anything to you, if not then Kevlar could be a good option for you since it combines light weight with toughness .
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is mainly used for high performance watercraft like surfboards since it is very light weight. The downside to it is that it is unable to tolerate abuse from underwater obstructions.
  • Kevlar/Fiberglass Composite: The composite combines the qualities of the two materials (light weight and durability) to create a great advanced, strong, high performance watercraft.

That being said I like Roto Molded crafts the most (also why it’s first on the list) because of their durability at a decent price. Just keep in mind that they will be a little heavier.

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